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Bin Picking: Safe Picking From the Box With 3D Sensors

Camera-based 3D ShapeDrive sensors are the ideal solution for bin picking applications where the bins are not in motion. The sensors make use of structured light, i.e. they project several light patterns onto the components to be detected in the bin. A camera inside the sensor records these light patterns and digitizes the components as a 3D point cloud. The advantage of ShapeDrive sensors is their extremely high resolution, which can go all the way down to 5 µm. This means that even the finest structures of components can be reliably detected – both in factory automation and intralogistics. 
  • High point density for small objects
  • Measuring ranges for Euroboxes and pallets, mesh boxes
  • Reliable detection of chaotic or sorted parts
  • High point cloud quality for black and glossy objects
  • Open interfaces for easy integration into the application software
  • Perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 applications

ShapeDrive G4 3D Sensor: Bin Picking for Highly Precise Applications

The camera-based 3D sensors included in the ShapeDrive series work in accordance with the structured light principle. All models are equipped with a high-resolution camera with a resolution of 5 or 12 MP. Seven selectable measuring ranges and extensive interfaces allow perfect integration into your system. 
  • Inactive object detection
  • Measuring volume from 60 × 40 × 40 mm to 1,300 × 1,000 × 1,000 mm 
  • Fast 3D point cloud generation in up to 250 ms
  • Fast data exchange via 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet interface 

Bin Picking in Intralogistics

Bin picking intralogistics
• Working range up to 750 x 560 mm
• Ideal for Euroboxes
• Fast applications
• Different objects per station

Bin Picking in Factory Automation

• Large working ranges up to 1,300 x 1,000 mm
• Ideal for mesh boxes
• Slow applications
• Same objects per station

Flexible and Accurate – From the 3D Point Cloud to Perfect Gripping!

Real image animation ShapeDrive

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