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1D/2D Handheld Scanners

Handheld scanners are mobile 1D/2D code readers that enable flexible, location-independent reading of codes. They are suitable for omnidirectional reading of 1D and 2D codes. Thanks to the use of innovative and patented illumination technology, the handheld scanners read every code, even on difficult surfaces.

Full Functionality with Maximum Freedom

Mobile handheld scanners record different types of codes (such as 1D or 2D codes) and read them regardless of their orientation. This offers maximum read flexibility in any situation: omnidirectional and regardless of location and background. Haptic, acoustic or visual signals indicate successful decoding. In addition to wired scanners, wireless Bluetooth handheld scanners are also available.

1D/2D Handheld Scanners (CSMH/CSLH)

Robust scanners for all areas

1D/2D Handheld Scanner (CSHH)

Scanning DPM Codes on Glossy and Curved Surfaces

Wired 1D/2D Handheld Scanners from the CSMH Series

  • Mobile reading of all common 1D and 2D codes (including DPM) regardless of the code orientation (omnidirectional)
  • Range: 5…328 mm
  • Resolution: 1,280 × 960 pixels
  • Integrated optical alignment tool for quick code reading
  • Deciphering of damaged codes 
  • Resistant to cleaning agents 
  • RS-232 or USB interface

Application Examples

Reading 1D and 2D Codes on Metal Pipes via Handheld Scanner for Mobile Welding Machines

The handheld scanner detects the correct welding current by scanning codes on metal pipes. This is set directly on the connected welding machine.

Wireless 1D/2D Bluetooth Handheld Scanner CSLH003

  • Reading of needle punched, printed, laser printed or etched 1D and 2D codes
  • Range: 10…333 mm
  • Resolution: 1,280 × 960 pixels
  • 10 m Bluetooth range
  • Up to 50,000 scans per battery charge
  • Visual, acoustic and haptic signal upon successful decoding
  • USB interface on the station
  • Easy initial start-up: unpack and scan!
  • Bluetooth 5 for low power consumption and increased data throughput and security
  • Induction charging station for efficient charging without metal contacts
  • Housing design without external metal parts and dirt-collecting edges
  • Resistent to cleaning agents and IP65 degree of protection

Application Examples

Location-Independent Scanning of 1D and 2D Codes on Control Units

At the end of production lines in the automotive industry, each product must be provided with individual codes and identified. The wireless 1D/2D handheld scanners enable location-independent scanning of the codes and confirm decoding via a visual, acoustic and haptic signal.

Reading Directly Marked DataMatrix Codes on PCBs

In the electronics industry, PCBs need to be manually reworked and identified, and the successfully completed work step is confirmed with a scan. The handheld scanners with Bluetooth record directly marked and difficult-to-read codes on the PCBs quickly and reliably from all angles.

CSHH001 – Scanning DPM Codes on Glossy and Curved Surfaces

The perfect handheld scanner for the automotive industry – it is robust and can therefore withstand harsh industrial environments. It also reads all code types (1D and 2D codes) on glossy surfaces. A true all-rounder.
  • Reading of needle punched, printed, lasered or etched 1D and 2D codes (DPM)
  • Range: 0…51 mm
  • Resolution: 1,280 × 960 pixels
  • Cable length: 180 cm
  • Innovative illumination technology for mobile scanning on difficult surfaces
  • USB port

Application Examples

Reading of Needle Punched 2D Codes on Round and Glossy Components

In the automotive industry, the smallest components such as chassis and engine components must be identified and made traceable. Thanks to integrated illumination technology, the handheld scanner quickly and reliably records the needle punched DataMatrix codes on the parts, some of which are high-gloss and round metal.

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