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Reading 1D and 2D Codes on Plastic Pipes via Handheld Scanner for Mobile Welding Machines

When laying and welding plastic pipes on construction sites, care must be taken to connect the pipes and fittings correctly. Mobile welding machines use 1D/2D handheld scanners for this purpose, which capture laser or printed codes and transmit them directly to the mobile welding unit. Not only is the component type identified here, but the correct welding current is also set on the device. With each scan, users receive direct feedback via vibration, visual and acoustic signals.

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1D/2D Handheld Scanners

Handheld scanners read all 1D/2D codes omnidirectionally, regardless of location and background. Decoding is indicated by vibration, acoustic or visual signals. The adjustment option between the near and far range accelerates the scan rate or increases the detection range. In addition to wired scanners, Bluetooth scanners are also available.

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