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Presence Check for Yogurt Pots with Reflex Sensors

In the production of yogurt, it is important to ensure that there is a pot in each recess of the indexing belt before applying the lids. Reflex sensors in hygienic design are installed above each position to check the presence of the pots from above. After each production, the indexing belts are cleaned via high-pressure jets and CIP cleaning. FDA compliant sensors can withstand these hygienic requirements. Thanks to their special stainless steel 316L design, all water drops flow off and the lenses do not fog up. The sensors are watertight (IP68/IP69K).

Energetic Reflex Sensors

Reflex sensors check objects for presence, check stack heights or perform counting tasks. They are used when objects need to be detected without a defined background. For this purpose, they use red light or infrared light according to the energy principle.

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