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Width Measurement of Profiles with Glass Fiber Optic Light Curtains and Fiber-Optic Cable Sensors

In the production of metal profiles, the presence and dimensions of the objects must be detected before a clamping device secures them in place. Profiles can be black, white, chrome, glossy or matt. Glass fiber optic light curtains based on the transmitter-receiver principle are used in confined spaces, together with a universal reflex sensor. The optical fibers are arranged in a single line to create a light band. The width is measured, the linear signal is output proportional to the glass fiber cover and the correct position is determined.

Fiber-Optic Cable Sensors

Fiber-optic cable sensors are combined with plastic or glass fiber-optic cables and are used in applications with small installation space or high temperatures. The sensors check the presence or position of objects in reflex mode operation or in through beam mode. Up to 15 fiber-optic cables can be connected to the sensors.

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