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Ultra-smart. Ultra-strong. Ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic sensors from wenglor are real all-rounders: They are ideal for detection of transparent, glossy and dark objects, reflective surfaces and materials of all kinds - whether solid or liquid, rough or smooth, porous or translucent. The surface structure has no influence on the measurement result. Ambient conditions such as dust, steam, dirt or the influence of ambient light do not disturb ultrasonic sensors. 

By transmitting and receiving pulsed ultrasonic waves, the high-performance distance sensors determine the time of the sound reflected by the object and thus its distance. The ultrasonic sensors are available in different formats, which means wenglor offers a comprehensive product portfolio for every installation situation – ultra-smart solutions thanks to ultra-strong technology!

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor U1RT – A New Combination for Ultra Performance

Low installation depth and easy integration of the sensor with an M18 thread – the advantages of the established R format have been appreciated for years in the field of photoelectronic sensors. wenglor’s ultrasonic distance sensors from the U1RT series combine this format with the tried-and-tested ultrasonic technology of the U1KT and UMD product series, thus setting new standards in terms of range and integration options. Thanks to IO-Link 1.1 and NFC interface, the sensor offers flexible setting options and data storage – simply an ultra-smart solution!

Compact format intelligently networked

  • Easy integration due to low installation depth (56.5 × 26 × 24 mm)
  • Easy and fast mounting with M18 metal thread
  • Completely visible LEDs
  • Temperature range of –30 to +60 °C
  • IP67/IP68 degree of protection 

Highly versatile functionality

  • Working range in reflex mode up to 1,200 mm
  • Working range in through-beam mode up to 2,000 mm
  • 2 independent switching outputs with programmable error output
  • Reflex, through-beam or synchronous mode possible
  • PNP/NPN variants for flexible use
  • Reproducibility of 5 mm
  • Linearity deviation of 2 mm
  • Constant measurement results thanks to integrated temperature compensation 

Smart communication of values and data

  • Quick and easy adjustment via teach-in key
  • IO-Link 1.1 with smart sensor profile and data storage for easy integration
  • Convenient setting using wenglor’s free wTeach2 software 
  • Powerless and wireless setting via NFC via the wenglor app

The Features at a Glance

Ultrasonic Performance – Applications with Ultrasonic Sensors U1RT

Fill-Level Measurement

Colorful, glossy or transparent films are used in packaging plants to ensure that products are airtight and securely packed. These are conveyed by rolls and attached around the objects. Ultrasonic distance sensors monitor the roll diameter to ensure continuous material flow. Two independent switching outputs signal when there is little film left on the roll and when the roll is empty and needs to be replaced. In addition, the sensor checks whether the film is open or torn.

Learn more about the application here.

Measuring Stack Height

Different colored cartons in packaging systems are stacked on top of each other in magazines before being unfolded and filled in downstream processes. In order to ensure a continuous material supply, the stacking height of the magazine is checked by an ultrasonic distance sensor. This sensor records the measured values either continuously via IO-Link or with two switching points so that the magazine can be refilled in good time. Thanks to the wide sonic cone, recesses, gaps or punches have no influence on object sensing.

Learn more about the application here.

Slack Monitoring

Continuous material supply must be ensured in punching machines. As a material buffer, the supplied metal sheets are guided through the system in the form of a hanging loop. This compensates for the time delay between replenishment and the production processes. To monitor this process, an ultrasonic distance sensor is installed above the loop. It checks whether the sag falls below the minimum value or touches the ground. Ultrasonic measurement is not affected by even very shiny plates and dirt such as oil mist or dust.

Learn more about the application here.

Presence Check

In deposit return machines, a check must be carried out to determine how many bottles, cans and containers have been inserted in order to control the capacity of the system. For this purpose, an ultrasonic distance sensor is installed above the belt, which detects in reflex mode the objects made of glass, aluminum or PET regardless of their shape, color, position, surface and size. The background is completely hidden from view. Thanks to the wide sonic cone, moving and jumping objects are also reliably detected with the dirt-resistant sensors.

Learn more about the application here.

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