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Scanning of QR Codes on Printed Circuit Boards with 1D/2D Code Scanner

When manufacturing PCBs for the electronics industry, the PCBs must be transported into soldering systems during the process and their position reliably detected. For constant product traceability (“track and trace”) of the printed circuit boards, they are marked with a QR code. A 1D/2D code scanner scans the boards to decode the lasered codes and transmit them to the higher-level system. Thanks to its compact design, it can be mounted under the conveyor rail to save space.

1D/2D Code Scanners

1D/2D code scanners read printed, engraved, etched or directly marked codes at high speeds – regardless of the location, position or condition of the code. Data can be transferred via Industrial Ethernet and settings can be received via the intuitive user interface Weblink.

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