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PNG//smart 1M: Reliable Performance with Innovative Communication Options

New 1M Design Expands PNG//smart Photoelectronic Sensor Family

The wenglor sensoric group has expanded its PNG//smart product family of photoelectronic sensors with a further, fifth housing design. In addition to the established 1K, 1N, 1P and 2K designs, the unique 1M design with the dimensions 54.5 × 27 × 16 mm is now available in wenglor’s portfolio as a further universal housing. The sensors of the 1M series offer a compact housing made of rugged fiberglass reinforced plastic with integrated M12 round plug; they are available with three functional principles. The latest member of the popular product family combines all the advantages in terms of performance and communication with the practical benefits of the compact housing dimensions.

The sensors of the PNG//smart generation are an extensive series of Industry 4.0 sensors. Their established benefits, such as an aligned optical axis and a calibrated switching point enable reproducible sensor performance. PNG//smart sensors communicate via IO-Link 1.1, but thanks to the new weCon app, also enable user-friendly parameterization via Near Field Communication (NFC).

Performance and Communication for Smart Photoelectronic Sensors
With now five housing formats (1K, 1N, 1P, 1M and 2K), as well as up to seven functional principles and three light sources (red and blue LED light and red laser light), nearly any application for contactless object detection can be implemented. Thanks to the laser class 1, which is harmless to the human eye, the universal sensors are also suitable for moving system parts such as robot arms or linear axes. In addition to IO-Link communication, integration into existing control systems is also possible via PROFINET or EtherNet/IP™ via the IO-Link master. The configuration option via the new weCon app is particularly convenient for users: The sensors can be easily parameterized via an app thanks to the built-in NFC interface. Settings can also be duplicated on sensors of the same type. Furthermore, the sensors can be configured directly on the product via potentiometer, teach-in or LED display.

1M Format – More than Just a Series Expansion
Like its predecessor, the established M design, the 1M format is unique on the market due to its compact dimensions. In addition to the 18 new PNG//smart models of the 1M series, the wenglor portfolio also includes further functional principles in the practical M housing: Contrast sensors, print mark readers, gloss sensors, energetic reflex sensors, through-beam sensors, reflex light barriers or fiber-optic cable sensors. “In addition to the enormous selection of functional principles and designs within the PNG//smart series, we also offer customers a wide range of products within this format,” explains wenglor product manager Dr. Dominik Heinz. The compact plastic sensors can be attached from both sides via two holes and optionally from the top with accessories. “The sensors are easy to replace and can still be flexibly mounted,” Heinz continues. The front optics unit is protected by an inclined PMMA window. Thanks to the special housing design in protection class IP67/IP68 with a “spacer” on the front, the front pane has additional protection and liquids can drain off without residue. 

The Highlights at a Glance

  • Compact housing (54.5 × 27 × 16 mm, without round plug) 
  • Rugged fiberglass reinforced plastic housing
  • M12 round plug integrated directly on the housing
  • Configuration via NFC 
  • IO-Link 1.1 
  • Three different functional principles 
  • Variants with potentiometer or teach-in 
  • 2 independent switching outputs 
  • IP67/IP68 degree of protection 
  • Printed type plate with QR code


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