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Presence Check of Wood Pallets with Retro-Reflex Sensors for Transparent Objects

The safe flow of goods on roller conveyors in the wood industry requires reliable detection of pallets regardless of their size, design and position. Multi-beam retro-reflex sensors with a special single-lens optic and reflectors are installed on the side of the conveyor line for this purpose. Thanks to its long range, the multi-beam sensor, which works with red light, detects the entire width of the track and thus detects all types of pallets regardless of position – even with recesses and spaces. As soon as even a single beam is interrupted, the sensor switches.

Retro-Reflex Sensors for Transparent Objects

In addition to detecting glossy, chrome-plated or reflective surfaces, retro-reflex sensors for transparent objects also detect and count transparent objects such as glass or film using red light. Objects are detected by interrupting the light beam between the sensor and the reflector.

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