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Unique Communication and Performance

PNG//smart sensors are the result of a unique combination consisting of an intelligent interface and precision wenglor technology. They flexibly exchange process and parameter data and, thanks to accurately targeted optics and a balanced switching point, they transmit highly precise results in real-time.
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Digital production of the future is already possible today with PNG//smart sensors. Equipped with the latest IO-Link version, the intelligent sensors permit highly flexible production and, at the same time, increase efficiency – by means of quick initial start-up, reduced idle time and consistent quality assurance. They also communicate with all common control systems and can thus be easily integrated into existing networks.
PNG//smart technology communication fast duplication

Fast Duplication

Set up once – duplicate as often as you like: The PNG//smart sensor configuration can be stored on the controller and transferred to other applications by simply clicking a button, regardless of your current location.
PNG//smart technology communication flexible setting

Manufacturing Batch Size 1

Ongoing production processes can be flexibly switched over to another product with the help of PNG//smart sensors. Costly setup time is eliminated for batch changes. This results from the sensors’ capability to exchange information with each other, as well as with actuators. The respective data are conditioned and processed by the sensors. This permits networked communication from machine to machine, by means of which the entire value chain can be optimized.
PNG//smart technology communication condition monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

The sensors generate and transmit additional diagnostics and status data (condition monitoring). Analysis of this data makes it possible to plan maintenance work in advance and avoid downtime in production.
PNG//Smart technology – communication data storage

Data Storage

If a sensor is replaced, stored parameters are transferred automatically to the new sensor making replacement possible without programming.
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wTeach2 Software

wenglor wTeach2 software is available free of charge and assures easy handling when configuring sensors – including evaluation and visualization of measurement and diagnostics data.
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PNG//smart-Sensoren lassen sich selbst vor der Montage im stromlosen Zustand konfigurieren – einfach und mobil über das Smartphone oder Tablet mit der wenglor-App.
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wenglor’s latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) development and precisely targeted optics provide for maximum precision and reliability of each individual PNG//smart sensor. Sensors with this technology perform better than ever before.
PNG//smart technology performance calibrated switching point

Calibrated Switching Point

PNG//smart sensors are set at the factory so that each sensor has the same switching distance with the same setting. This removes the need for time-consuming adjustments if a sensor is replaced.
PNG//smart technology performance calibrated switching point

Calibrated Light Spot

Thanks to the calibrated light spot with aligned optical axis, no subsequent realignment of the light spot is required. This simplifies initial start-up as well as sensor replacement.
PNG//smart technology performance mutual influence

No Reciprocal Influence Thanks to wintec

PNG//smart sensors don’t influence each other when they’re mounted directly next to or opposite each other. This makes a great number of queries possible in very tight spaces.
PNG//smart technology performance mutual influence

Insensitive to Interference

The sensors are insensitive to interference such as ambient light or electromagnetic influences thanks to specially developed processes.
PNG//smart technology performance laser class 1

Safety Thanks to Laser Class 1

PNG//smart generation laser sensors are entirely safe for the human eye. As a result, they can be used on moving fixtures such as robot arms and shuttles. Warnings and complex protective measures are unnecessary.
PNG//smart technology performance laser class 1

Flexible Switching or Measurement

Switching statuses or distance values can be read out via the IO-Link interface. Flexible setting options reduce type diversity within the respective systems and minimize inventory costs.
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