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Measuring the Material Thickness of Polystyrene Insulation Boards Using 2D/3D Profile Sensors

To guarantee consistent quality, the thickness of coarse-grain polystyrene insulation boards for the construction industry must be measured with an accuracy of 0.2 mm. To this end, two 2D/3D profile sensors calibrated to each other using the VisionApp 360 software are mounted on the machining center after the grinding process of the black and white plates. They detect the polystyrene surface inline – despite vibrations and height offsets during extension. The thickness is calculated from both synchronized individual measurements using software. This enables deviations to be detected and rectified.

2D/3D Profile Sensors

Sensors of this type measure profiles of objects such as weld seams or glue beads and check roundness or gaps using laser triangulation. Red or blue laser light, open interfaces and various performance classes are available.

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