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End Position Check in Carriage by Means of a Weld-Resistant Inductive Sensor with Correction Factor 1

In plant engineering, it is necessary to determine the exact position of carriages – in end positions, for example. This end position monitoring must be reliable, repeatable and feasible for both stainless steel (V2A) and aluminum. A weld-resistant inductive sensor is used for this purpose, which reliably switches to various materials with correction factor 1 and high switching frequencies. The sensor has a very high magnetic field strength for direct and alternating fields and is protected against weld spatter thanks to PTFE (Teflon), which enables use in welding systems.

Inductive Sensors Welding Field Resistant with Correction Factor 1

Sensors in this category detect objects of different metals with identical switching distance. Teflon coating protects the sensor from extreme effects during the welding process. The sensor is also very robust against magnetic direct and alternating fields.

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