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Ejection Monitoring on Dynamic Checkweighers with Retro-Reflex Sensors for Transparent Objects

In the food industry, packaged goods are weighed in dynamic checkweighers before further processing. If the weight does not meet the quality standards, the goods are transported via conveyor belts into ejection containers. A retro-reflex sensor for transparent objects uses multiple light beams to monitor correct ejection. If one of the beams is interrupted for a short time, the goods have been ejected successfully. Goods packed in glass, PET trays or transparent film are reliably detected by the sensors – even when they are dirty.

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Retro-Reflex Sensors for Transparent Objects

In addition to detecting glossy, chrome-plated or reflective surfaces, retro-reflex sensors for transparent objects also detect and count transparent objects such as glass or film using red light. Objects are detected by interrupting the light beam between the sensor and the reflector.

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