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Barcodes on Cans Read by Barcode Raster Scanners

In the packaging industry, barcodes printed on different cans must be reliably scanned. Triggered by a trigger signal, the cylindrical cans are guided past the scanner at a speed of 45 m/min and are detected. If the scanners are optimally aligned to the desired code types, even varying diameters of the passing objects have no influence on the quality of the scan. The more precisely the scanner is aligned to the codes, the smaller the laser line can be set and the advance speed of the cans can be increased. 

Barcode Raster Scanners

Raster scanners process high frequency barcodes in a wide scanning range. Teach-in can activate a mode that automatically sets the scan rate and scan width. The scan is confirmed by means of an acoustic and visual signal, even if the codes are damaged. Networking to bus systems is possible via separate gateways.

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