One Vision System, Two Dimensions,
Innumerable Options

• Maximized modularity thanks to a large selection of cameras, lenses, illumination and control units
• Diverse interfaces (digital I/Os, TCP/IP, UDP, LIMA)
• Comprehensive support options (tutorials, templates, TeamViewer, Teach+ and much more)

VisionSystem2D – the Technology

wenglor’s VisionSystem2D is an image processing system which has been developed for simple as well as complex vision applications. It consists of up to 16 digital cameras for image recording, interchangeable lenses with various focal distances, external illumination components for ideal lighting and a control unit (IPC) for image evaluation.

The various components of this modular system can be individually combined and adapted to the respective application. For example, focal distance, focusing, resolution, lighting and type of evaluation can be separately selected. uniVision software is used to configure parameters for image recording, and for subsequent image analysis. The VisionSystem2D combination is the perfect hardware and software solution for all 2D applications.

The System

• Various interfaces (digital I/Os, Ethernet over TCP/IP or UDP)
• LIMA protocol based on XML
• Platform-independent visualization
• Predefined templates for standard applications

• Modular system: Digital cameras, lenses, illumination and control units are freely combinable
• Expandable hardware and software
• Easy operation without expert knowledge
• uniVision: all vision products in a single intuitive software program

• Numerous online tutorials explain software and hardware functions
• Extensive accessories (mounting components, connection cables)
• Offline remote maintenance with Teach+
• Online remote maintenance with TeamViewer

The following page provides comprehensive insight into uniVision software.

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