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Sensors are the sensory organs of smart machines. Thanks to a wide range of functional principles, they solve a variety of applications quickly, safely and sustainably. From photoelectronic sensors to ultrasonic sensors, inductive sensors and fluid sensors, as well as safety technology and software solutions for sensor operation and parametrization – the comprehensive portfolio offers the right solution for all types of factory automation. In addition to the wide range of functional principles, users also benefit from the broad selection of designs that enable the sensors to be installed in any industrial system.

Photoelectronic Sensors

Contactless Detection of Objects

Photoelectronic sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances and detect colors, gloss or luminescence using light. The additional connection of special fiber-optic cables permits their use in extreme conditions such as cold, heat or limited space.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultra-Smart. Ultra-Strong. Ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for detecting transparent, dark, glossy, reflective or porous surfaces. They can detect objects or liquids despite the presence of dirt, dust, mist or extraneous light. The measured values are determined by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves which are output as voltage or via IO-Link.

Inductive Sensors

Reliable Object Detection with Induction

Inductive sensors detect metallic objects through electromagnetic induction. The many formats, housing materials and wide switching distances ensure a wide variety of applications. Due to the fact that no moving parts are used, these sensors are maintenance-free, waterproof and impervious to contamination and impacts.

Fluid Sensors

Measurement in Liquid and Gaseous Media

Fluid sensors detect parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature or fill level in liquid or gaseous media. The range of products includes models with one or two measuring functions, with an integrated analysis module and display, in stainless steel or plastic, and with IO-Link or two analog switch outputs.

Safety Technology

Intelligently Secure Systems

Safety technology for body, hand and finger protection is used to protect both man and machine. Certified according to international standards, light barriers and curtains with or without muting functions, safety switches, locking devices, emergency stops, relays and protection columns protect all production systems.

Industrial RFID

Fast. Safe. Reliable.

Industrial RFID identification solutions enable contactless and visual data transfer and assignment between RFID readers and RFID transponders via electromagnetic waves. Information is exchanged reliably, even in challenging process environments – regardless of contamination and liquids.  



Software Solutions for Configuration and Service

Software products for sensors make it easy to set up and parameterize single or multiple sensors from a central controller. They also make it possible to carry out instrument-independent calculations, maintain sensors remotely and provide remote access to equipment in the event of support.

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