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wenglor Student Software Challenge

wenglor Student Software Challenge

Welcome to the WSSC! On this page you will find everything you need to participate in the WSSC!

Join now and win great prizes!


Processing large files in an efficient manner is of top importance in real world applications. The object of this application is to resolve the processing tasks described below by using the least amount of resources as possible. The application should be a console application written in C++. Entries will consist of the source code and the compiled executable:
String manipulation: for every input text (.txt) file in folder "Input Files", generate the corresponding output file containing the input text in reversed order of characters.
  1. Benchmark files can be found in the "Benchmarks" folder:
  2. Output file name format: InText_X.txt => OutText_X.txt
Image information extraction: for every input image (.bmp file) in folder "Input Files", provide an output file formatted as described below containing the number of pixels that have: R > 20; G>200; B<66
  1. Image format is BMP 24bpp
  2. Output file format is found inside "Benchmarks" folder
  3. Output file name format: InImage_X.bmp => OutImage_X.txt


Code from each entry will be made public when the results are published. The scoring will be done with the help of the evaluator tool included in this package. Every valid entry will be scored on a 100p scale as follows:
  • 30p memory consumption: average memory consumption:
    your_score = LMC/YMC*30p
    LMC - lowest average memory consumption
    YMC - avg. memory consumption of your application
  • 30p execution speed: the total time spent to complete correctly all tasks:
    your_score = LET/YET*30p
    LET - lowest execution time
    YET - execution time of your application
  • 40p application design & code readability:
    your_score = code review performed by the contest's organizer

At least 70p are needed to qualify for a prize. Only the first three projects registering the highest score will be financially rewarded, as specified in the flyer.

Testing Environment

  1. Windows 10 on Intel Core i7-6700 CPU
  2. For evaluation purposes, the evaluator.exe tool provided in the package will be used.

Using evaluator.exe: copy your executable file in the package folder and run the evaluator tool with your executable as start parameter. Once the evaluation is ready, it will generate a report containing the evaluation results.

Things that might help you:
  1. using different libraries such as boost
  2. consider using a multi-threaded approach
  3. think about making compromises between execution speed and memory consumption

Contest Schedule

30th April – 21st May 2021
Providing your solutions (source files included) to ovidiu.bodea@wenglor.com or vlad.sebesan@wenglor.com

24th May – 4th June 2021
Evaluating solutions by the contest organizer. This may also include the need to present your solution at the company site. We will contact you if this will be the case.

7th June 2021
Granting contest awards.

Further information: In case you require further information or details, please contact us at by e-mail: ovidiu.bodea@wenglor.com or vlad.sebesan@wenglor.com

Prizes and Winners

Product Comparison