uniVision Software Release 2.2.0

• PROFINET interface on control units for flexible, quick and easy integration in the control
• Save good and bad images for documentation as desired
• Web-based visualization with flexible display of the results directly in the image
• Flexible counting of good and bad parts for process monitoring

uniVision Release 2.1.0 – uniVision Software Now for VisionSystem2D Too

• Digital cameras, illumination, lenses, control unit and uniVision as an overall system
• Configurable standard software for all vision applications

uniVision for Vision Systems

Simple as well as complex image processing applications can be implemented with uniVision software for vision systems. The modular VisionSystem2D consists of up to 16 digital cameras with lenses, illumination components and a control unit, as well as an external CPU for data evaluation.
VisionSystem2D applications can be configured via uniVision software with just a few clicks. In order to simplify use of the software for newcomers, predefined projects (templates) can be selected and used for the most common standard applications. If additional, individual settings are required for a project, more than 20 software modules are available to experienced users. Images, coordinate systems or values can be combined with each other as desired, thus providing newcomers as well as experts with maximum possible application freedom.


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Firmware Control Unit 2.2.0
Version: 2.2.0
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