uniVision Software Release 2.3.0

• EtherNet/IP™ interface for control units for flexible, simple and fast integration in the control
• Web-based visualization with flexible display of the results directly in the image or profile

uniVision Software Release 2.2.0

• PROFINET interface on control units for flexible, quick and easy integration in the control
• Flexible evaluation of the combined height profile to determine the cross-sectional area via the VisionApp 360 plugin
• Web-based visualization with flexible display of the results directly in the image
• Flexible counting of good and bad parts for process monitoring

uniVision Release 2.1.0 – a Single Software for Smart Cameras, Vision Systems and 2D/3D Profile Sensors

• Individually configurable visualization of results
• Platform-independent display of visualization thanks to integrated web server
• New spreadsheet module for flexible calculation of results
• Higher recording frequencies of up to 6 kHz

uniVision Software Release 2.0.0 - Intelligent Image Processing for Newcomers and Experts!

• Ready-to-use templates for standard applications
• A single common software package for Smart Cameras and 2D/3D Profile Sensors
• Available in eleven different language versions

uniVision for 2D/3D Sensors

uniVision software permits simple and intuitive implementation of applications with 2D/3D profile sensors. This makes it possible to conduct individual profile analyses in accordance with user-specific needs without any programming knowledge. Thanks to Teach+, projects with a specified number of point clouds can be saved off-site and optimized. The great diversity offered by 11 software languages provides for high levels of user-friendliness.


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