uniVision Software Release 2.1.0 uniVision – Software for Smart Cameras, Vision Systems and 2D/3D Profile Sensors

• Evaluation of images and height profiles with common software
• A complete vision application in just a few steps thanks to intuitive software
• No programming knowledge required
• Shorter learning curve and reduced support and training expenses thanks to a single common software package
• Modular, flexible and expandable hardware and software

uniVision Software Release 2.0.0 - Intelligent Image Processing for Newcomers and Experts!

• Ready-to-use templates for standard applications
• Wizard-driven software displays next possible options step-by-step
• A single common software package for Smart Cameras and 2D/3D Profile Sensors
• Available in eleven different language versions

Everything in a Single Software Package

The entire world of uniVision software revolves around intelligent processing of two and three-dimensional data such as images and heights profiles. Regardless of whether a Smart Camera, a vision system or a 2D/3D sensor is used, all digital tasks associated with industrial image processing can be implemented with the configurable uniVision software platform – quickly, simply and flexibly.

A Single Software Package – Three Product Families

uniVision is configurable standard software for all wenglor vision products. wenglor image processing expert Tobias Braun impressively demonstrates the simple and intuitive operation of uniVision software, as well as the broad range of applications for all hardware components in the following video clips.

uniVision for Smart Cameras

uniVision for Vision Systems

uniVision for 2D/3D Sensors

Which software do I need for which hardware?

uniVision is configurable standard software for weQube – the Smart Camera, for the VisionSystem2D and for weCat3D 2D/3D profile sensors in combination with the wenglor Control Unit. You’ll find an overview of all available software and hardware combinations here.

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