Visual Feedback

Use the set-up wizard to adjust settings directly on the display:
• Subsequent teaching of six freely selectable parameters
• Storing and loading sensor configurations
• Defining start projects
• Switching between projects
• Creating Teach+ files at the push of a button
• Changing network settings
• Changing the password
• Making basic display settings (language, alignment, display intensity, display mode)

View all relevant information at a glance: Choose the suitable display from five display templates and customize it, if required.
• Network (displaying the network status for TCP/IP, FTP, and PROFINET / EtherNet/IP™)
• Text (writing four lines of freely selectable, variable or static text to the display)
• Status (displaying the switching status of the six digital I/Os)
• Numeric (linking a text line and a bar diagram to parameter data via the PC software)
• Match code (comparing the current parameter content to a previously defined value)

and green LEDs provide for visual feedback concerning 4-place readable process data.