uniVision Assistant

The Software Packages

  • weQubeVision - The Image Processing Package
  • Standard or standard plus pattern matching

  • weQubeDecode - The Scan Package
  • weQubeOCR - the Character Recognition Package
  • weQube the Smart Camera - All modules in one

The Hardware Packages

  • Integrated auto-focus or C mount threaded connection
  • Color or monochrome image chip
  • White, red or infrared light
  • Selectable protocols: Ethernet or PROFINET / EtherNet/IP™

weQube - the Technology

weQube – the Smart Camera combines camera, illumination, optics and analysis module into a single compact housing. With its intelligent, modular software and hardware concept, weQube adapts itself to any situation whenever required and it’s the ideal solution for fulfilling all requirements: whether weQube is used for image processing, for recognizing text and symbols or for scanning 1D/2D codes, software packages can be selected in accordance with actual needs, and can even be subsequently expanded.

Perfect Usability

The menu-driven, graphic display enables you to make many settings on site: For example, adjust your application or view information regarding the current measured values. Convince yourself of the functionality and intuitive usability of an all-rounder like weQube.

Intuitive Software

Software – the Advantages

• Multilingual operation.
• Individually adaptable user interface.
• Configurable parameters
• Diagnostic capabilities
• Individual results can be combined with each other.

MultiCore Technology

The MultiCore technology combines five high-performance processors with a novel software concept and maximizes the performance of weQube: It enables ideal interaction of the numerous functions and summarizing several process steps.

Visual Feedback

Use the set-up wizard to adjust settings directly on the display:
• Subsequent teaching of six freely selectable parameters
• Storing and loading sensor configurations
• Defining start projects
• Switching between projects
• Creating Teach+ files at the push of a button
• Changing network settings
• Changing the password
• Making basic display settings (language, alignment, display intensity, display mode)

View all relevant information at a glance: Choose the suitable display from five display templates and customize it, if required.
• Network (displaying the network status for TCP/IP, FTP, and PROFINET / EtherNet/IP™)
• Text (writing four lines of freely selectable, variable or static text to the display)
• Status (displaying the switching status of the six digital I/Os)
• Numeric (linking a text line and a bar diagram to parameter data via the PC software)
• Match code (comparing the current parameter content to a previously defined value)

and green LEDs provide for visual feedback concerning 4-place readable process data.

Flexible Multi Communication

weQube speaks the language of your industry and does not only deliver valuable information, but makes it usable for the entire system.

Thanks to numerous interfaces weQube can easily be integrated into your system:
• Ethernet TCP/IP
• PROFINET / EtherNet/IP™
• RS-232
• Six freely programmable digital I/Os
• Encoder input
• In addition, weQube has an FTP server and client

Platform-independent Web Server

Control weQube from your mobile office: The web server is suitable for all formats and end devices and enables you to make numerous settings independent of your location:

• Displaying live image
• Subsequent teaching of six freely selectable parameters
• Storing and loading sensor configurations
• Defining start projects
• Switching between projects
• Creating Teach+ files at the push of a button
• Changing network settings
• Changing the password

Lima Protocol Based on XML

In particular where the visualization of your application is concerned, we place great importance on assuring that you can see exactly what you want to. We’ve developed an open protocol based on XML for the purpose of individualized integration into your system, whose constituents can be incorporated into your system individually as modules or all together − without losing track of things.

• Suitable graphic representation of weQube data without excessive effort
• Targeted selection from a maximized scope of functions
• Easy integration into existing systems thanks to XML-based interface protocol

Offline Remote Maintenance with Teach+

Teach+ allows for rapid, location-independent project modifications without production downtimes. For this purpose we neither access your network directly nor interrupt running projects: From the perspective of the camera, the settings of your project are stored in a Teach+ file. You send the settings to our experts who optimize them for you.

The Mode of Operation
1. Save and transmit project data by simply clicking a button
2. Send file to customer or wenglor support department
3. Process the project data
4. Return and upload updated data by clicking a button

Tutorials und Templates

We provide you with numerous opportunities for testing weQube without obligation. Try it out and be inspired!

Test the software: You can download uniVision software to your PC and try it out free of charge. You’re provided with the option of loading templates which are appropriate for your industry and your application, and entering the desired settings.
View tutorials: Numerous functions are clearly explained step by step. You’ll see: configuring your weQube is child’s play!


From mounting system to replacement screening grid to connection cable:
A wide range of accessories is available for weQube.

• Replacement screening grid
• Screening grid with integrated polarizing filter
• Micro SD card
• Convenient mounting system
• Connection cables in various lengths (M12×1, 12-pin to open end)
• Connection cables in various lengths (M12×1, 12-pin to M12×1, 12-pin; M12×1, 8-pin to RJ45)
• Connection module (M12×1, 12-pin to trigger/illumination)
• Interface cable (M12×1, 12-pin to RS-232)

Protective housing for any environment

The protective housing for weQube with autofocus from wenglor’s InoxSens product range permits use in hygienically sensitive industrial environments. The laser-welded housing made of noncorrosive V4A stainless steel fulfills the demanding requirements specified for IP69K protection. The product design ensures ideal draining of liquids from the surface.
The protective tube which has been specially developed for the weQube with C mount prevents erroneous mechanical adjustment of the lens.

Unbeatable in Two Dimensions

uniVision Assistant: Intelligent Image Processing for Beginners and Experts!

uniVision software permits simple and intuitive implementation of image processing applications. The integrated uniVision Assistant accompanies the user step by step in setting up the Smart Camera. Detailed information displayed as text provides exact descriptions of all possible options for beginners. Additional templates, i.e. predefined projects, are included in the software for standard applications.
The software’s modular layout provides experts with maximized flexibility for the implementation of complex applications. And thus the comprehensive range of performance features made available by uniVision is quickly opened up to all users – from novices to old hands.

The following page provides comprehensive insight into uniVision software.

The Software Packages

weQube offers numerous high-performance software packages. weQube’s scope of functions can be expanded at any time with the help of license-based upgrades.

weQube – the Smart Camera

If a weQube is equipped with all available software packages, we speak of a smart camera. These include:

weQubeVision - The Image Processing Package
  Standard plus pattern matching
weQubeDecode - The Scan Package
weQubeOCR - The Character Recognition Package

weQubeVision Standard

Regardless of whether presence checks, dimensional accuracy checks or reference image comparisons are involved – any number of image processing functions can be combined in a given application with weQubeVision Standard.
A separate communication processor assures high-speed image processing even where Industrial Ethernet is used.

weQubeVision Standard with Pattern Matching

In addition to all common image processing functions, weQubeVision Standard with Pattern Matching offers the option of recognizing objects regardless of their position and rotational orientation within the image, and of using other image processing functions based this option.
A separate communication processor assures high-speed image processing even where Industrial Ethernet is used.


The scanning package transforms the weQube into a 1D/2D code scanner which is even able to reliably decipher damaged and poorly legible codes thanks to integrated code reconstruction.


weQubeOCR reads predefined OCR-A and OCR-B fonts over several lines in a single scanning operation. The teach-in function provides you with the additional option of teaching in new fonts in order to adapt weQubeOCR ideally to your application.

The Hardware Packages


weQube with auto-focus detects objects after simply clicking a button in the software and focuses the lens automatically. The Smart Camera is distinguished by its unique combination of integrated illumination, optics and auto-focus in a single compact housing. There’s a weQube version with C mount threaded connection for applications involving objects at considerable distances. This permits convenient mounting of commercially available lenses with larger focal distances.

Light Sources

weQube with auto-focus can be equipped as desired with white, red or infrared light integrated into the housing. We offer external illumination with various light sources for the hardware variant with C mount threaded connection.

Image Chips

weQube is available with two different types of image chips: color or monochrome. Whereas the color chip is ideal for applications which differentiate amongst colors, the monochrome chip with gray scales makes it possible to implement colorless applications which are operated at high speeds.


weQube is capable of real-time communication in three protocol languages. Both the Ethernet variant and the PROFINET/EtherNet/IP™ variant assure extremely fast data transmission. The latter can even be switched back and forth between PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™.

weQubeVision Pattern Matching

The Smart Camera with Edge-Based Object Detection

weQubeVision Standard with pattern matching as an additional function recognizes objects regardless of their position and rotational orientation within the image (X, Y and 360° tracking).
In just three simple steps, weQube is ready for use in the pattern matching mode. The edge-based algorithm makes use of Halcon’s image processing library to this end, and thus assures top quality, stability and high speed.

The Advantages at a Glance

Quick and easy camera setup saves valuable time.

1) Specify the search region.
2) Enclose the relevant area with a rectangle in the software.
3) Press the teach-in key and you’re done!

Several identical objects can be recognized in the image simultaneously. This makes it possible to count objects and permits checking for completeness.

Objects don’t need to be fully visible in order to be detected. Objects can even be superimposed on each other up to an adjustable degree – and are nevertheless recognized.

Even in the case of changing distance to the object – which may result in out-of-focus images – weQube delivers reliable results.

Pattern matching serves as a basis for additional image processing functions such as measuring objects.

Objects within the camera’s visual field can be reliably recognized regardless of their position and rotational orientation.

Up to ten different objects can be recognized simultaneously in the image. Amongst other applications, this is helpful for sorting and counting objects.

Not only can objects be detected against homogenous backgrounds, but rather against complex ones as well such as conveyor belts, gratings, corrugated sheet metal and other backgrounds with high-contrast textures or patterns.

Scaled objects can be recognized with high levels of accuracy.

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