The Software Packages

  • weQubeVision - The Image Processing Package
  • Standard or standard plus pattern matching

  • weQubeDecode - The Scan Package
  • weQubeOCR - the Character Recognition Package
  • weQube the Smart Camera - All modules in one

The Hardware Packages

  • Hardware variants with integrated auto-focus or C mount threaded connection.

weQube – the Smart Camera

weQube is the Smart Camera which unites innumerable features into a single, high-performance platform. With its  intelligent, modular software  concept,  weQube adapts itself to your situation whenever required and is the ideal solution for meeting all your needs: Whether you want to use weQube for image processing, for detecting letters and symbols or for scanning 1D/2D codes – just select the required software package.
Try it yourself and find out how your processes can be decisively simplified.

The Software Packages

weQube – the Smart Camera

If a weQube is equipped with all available software packages, we speak of a smart camera. These include:

weQubeVision - The Image Processing Package
  Standard plus pattern matching
weQubeDecode - The Scan Package
weQubeOCR - The Character Recognition Package

weQubeVision Standard and Pattern Matching

weQubeVision combines any number of image processing functions in one application. At high speed: A separate communication processor ensures rapid image processing even when using Industrial Ethernet.
There are two versions of weQubeVision: the standard version and a variant with pattern matching as an additional function. In addition to all common image processing functions, this offers the option of recognizing objects regardless of their position and rotational orientation within the image, and of using other image processing functions based this option.


The scanning package transforms the weQube into a 1D/2D code scanner which is even able to reliably decipher damaged and poorly legible codes thanks to integrated code reconstruction.


weQubeOCR reads predefined OCR-A and OCR-B fonts over several lines in a single scanning operation. The teach-in function provides you with the additional option of teaching in new fonts in order to adapt weQubeOCR ideally to your application.

Unbeatable in Two Dimensions

weQubeVision Pattern Matching

The Smart Camera with Edge-Based Object Detection

weQubeVision Standard with pattern matching as an additional function recognizes objects regardless of their position and rotational orientation within the image (X, Y and 360° tracking).
In just three simple steps, weQube is ready for use in the pattern matching mode. The edge-based algorithm makes use of Halcon’s image processing library to this end, and thus assures top quality, stability and high speed.

The Advantages at a Glance

Quick and easy camera setup saves valuable time.

1) Specify the search region.
2) Enclose the relevant area with a rectangle in the software.
3) Press the teach-in key and you’re done!

Several identical objects can be recognized in the image simultaneously. This makes it possible to count objects and permits checking for completeness.

Objects don’t need to be fully visible in order to be detected. Objects can even be superimposed on each other up to an adjustable degree – and are nevertheless recognized.

Even in the case of changing distance to the object – which may result in out-of-focus images – weQube delivers reliable results.

Pattern matching serves as a basis for additional image processing functions such as measuring objects.

Objects within the camera’s visual field can be reliably recognized regardless of their position and rotational orientation.

Up to ten different objects can be recognized simultaneously in the image. Amongst other applications, this is helpful for sorting and counting objects.

Not only can objects be detected against homogenous backgrounds, but rather against complex ones as well such as conveyor belts, gratings, corrugated sheet metal and other backgrounds with high-contrast textures or patterns.

Scaled objects can be recognized with high levels of accuracy.