Welding Seam Guidance

2D/3D Profile Sensors weCat3D

Reliable Positioning of Welding Seams
in Robot Welding Cells

Fully automated welding places great demands on quality and precision. Consequently, the correct position of the respective seam must be reliably detected before the welding process is started in the robot cell. Welding cells are equipped with innovative weCat3D 2D/3D profile sensors to this end for the purpose of welding seam guidance.

Edge Detection ✔ | Width Detection ✔ | Angle Measurement ✔ | Step Detection ✔

Outstanding Performance and Efficiency: the weCat3D Series for Robot Cells

First of all, the compact weCat3D profile sensor is mounted directly to the welding torch. The welding robot then traverses the specified contour so that material can be deposited at the required points immediately thereafter. After measurement has been completed, the resultant position data are transmitted to the robot controller via a program in wenglor uniVision software, which runs on the BB1C001 analysis module.

Stable evaluation during the welding process
Approved interfaces of renowned robot manufacturers for uniVision software
✔ Inexpensive complete system consisting of sensors, analysis module and software
High temperatures are possible thanks to the protective housing & disks and cooling units
Large working distance with small sensor housing

Highly Flexible Thanks to Interfaces

wenglor offers appropriate interfaces in order to ensure that the innovative weCat3D 2D/3D profile sensors can be quickly and easily integrated into robot controllers.

More Applications Diversity for Industry

Numerous industries are profiting from the innovative combination of robot welding cells with wenglor sensors and analysis modules.

Automotive Industry


Steel Industry

Railroad Industry


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