Intelligent Networking, Maximized Freedom.

In addition to outstanding features with regard to optics, performance and operation, wenglor’s 2D/3D Sensors are distinguished in particular by multi-connectivity, which permits diversified processing of the generated measured values. The values can be acquired and evaluated via configurable uniVision standard software, or with VisionApp 360 software for simultaneous use of several sensors. Individually programmed software is available as well. Connection via the GigE Vision standard and the open DLL interface concept permit maximum degrees of freedom for the integration of sensors and the evaluation of their data.

Our Software Offerings at a Glance

Simple and Intuitive Profile Analysis

Permanently installed to the BB1C001 Control Unit, uniVision software permits simple and intuitive implementation of applications with 2D/3D Profile Sensors. This makes it possible to conduct individual profile analyses in accordance with user-specific needs without any programming knowledge.

• Linux-based control unit software for 2D/3D Profile Sensors
• Easy evaluation of data for individual profile analysis
• Modular design for individualized solutions
Control Unit with uniVision: BB1C001
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Discover the world in 3D. For free.

Free VisionApp Demo 3D software displays measurement data from 2D/3D Profile Sensors in a 3D view. These 3D views – in the form of point clouds – can be stored and retrieved in order to provide support for the implementation of applications at any location. The sensors’ parameters can be configured via the convenient user interface.

• Display of the 3D point cloud read out from 2D/3D Profile Sensors
• Easy parameters configuration for 2D/3D Profile Sensors
• Storage and retrieval of 3D point clouds
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Download VisionApp Demo 3D

Profile Detection Made Easy with VisionApp 360

VisionApp 360 software assures full 360° profile detection when using several weCat3D Profile Sensors. It’s ideally suited for volumetric measurements. The sensors can be synchronized and calibrated via the convenient user interface. And thus the application-optimized software is part of a perfect complete solution consisting of sensors, control unit and software.


    • 360° object profile detection with weCat3D Profile Sensors
    • Synchronization and calibration of sensors
    • Read-out of measured values from up to four sensors as a single profile
    • Additional functions available as a license upgrade
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    Expertise for a Perfect, Individualized Solution

    Do you need software which is specifically matched to your requirements? We’re happy to assist you with our many years of experience in programming and implementing software for two and three-dimensional object detection. We would be pleased to create software which is perfectly matched to your application!

    Interfaces for Maximized Freedom

    The GigE Vision interface and the open DLL interface concept permit maximum degrees of freedom for the integration of sensors and the evaluation of their data.
    Measurement data generated by 2D/3D Sensors can also be evaluated via GigE Vision with software from third parties such as Halcon, LabVIEW or EyeVision. The measurement data are suitable for further processing via DLL in C++, C# or Visual Basic.

    In order to assure simple system integration, wenglor offers a software development kit (SDK) for all weCat3D sensors, which can be downloaded free of charge.

    The software consists of:
    • DLL / shared library, 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Interface description
    • Programming examples for diverse development environments

    Download GigE Vision SDK
    Download SDK C++ (VS2013)
    Download SDK C++ (QT)