3D Object Detection

Bin Picking
Made Easy with 2D/3D Sensors from wenglor

• High point density for small structures
• Measuring ranges for Euro boxes, Euro pallets and wire-mesh boxes
• Two functional principles: ShapeDrive or weCat3D
• Reliable detection of chaotic or sorted parts
• Top quality point cloud for black and glossy objects
• Open interfaces for easy integration
• Ideally suited for Industry 4.0 applications

ShapeDrive 3D Sensors:
Bin Picking for Highly Precise Applications

The camera-based 3D sensors included in the ShapeDrive series work in accordance with the structured light principle. All 16 models are equipped with a high-resolution camera with a resolution of 5 or 12 MP. Eight selectable measuring ranges and extensive interfaces permit perfect integration into your system.

• Measurement of stationary objects
• Maximum resolution of 3 µm in the Z direction
• Measuring volumes from 30 x 25 x 10 to 1300 x 1000 x 800 mm
• Short recording duration of 0.188 s for the entire measuring volume
• Rapid data exchange via 10 gigabit Ethernet

2D/3D Profile Sensors weCat3D:
Bin Picking for Flexible Applications

The more than 80 models included in the weCat3D series work in accordance with the laser triangulation principle. Two performance classes, 16 selectable measuring ranges and four available laser classes (1, 2M, 3R, 3B), as well as red and blue light sources, provide for maximum diversity in implementing your bin picking application.

• The sensor or the object can be moved for measurement
• Maximum resolution of 2.5 µm in the Z direction
• Measuring ranges from 20 to 1300 mm in the X direction
• Measuring range of up to 1500 mm in the Z direction
• Measuring range of any desired size in the Y direction
• Up to 12 million measuring points per second

Flexible and accurate –
from the 3D point cloud to perfect gripping!

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