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wenglor devamlı hareket halinde olan genç, yenilikçi bir şirkettir. Tüm dünyada faal olan sensör üreticisi hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.

Highly convincing across the board: Thanks to their continuous, homogenous light band, wenglor’s new retro-reflex sensors can also reliably detect objects with irregular or asymmetrical shapes, for example in the field of intralogistics. With three models for different light band heights, high levels of user-friendliness and special logistics functions, wenglor provides an economically efficient and easy-to-use solution, for example in order to prevent bottlenecks and jams in warehouse processes. This results in improved productivity, increased system availability, more flexible production and reduced costs.

With ongoing development of its product portfolio in the field of fluid sensor technology, wenglor is enabling process monitoring of smart machines for the digital age. Not only do the new weFlux² pressure sensors acquire process values via the intelligent IO-Link 1.1 interface, in accordance with the 2-in-1 principle they also combine two measuring functions into a single housing. And thus wenglor is introducing the first sensor to the market which simultaneously acquires relative pressure and the temperature of liquids and gases.

To a greater extent than ever before, wenglor’s PNG//smart generation of photoelectronic sensors is being distinguished by a unique combination of performance and communication. As of immediately, an aligned optical axis and a balanced switching point, as well as large switching distances and consistent integration of IO-Link 1.1, are resulting in a new class of optoelectronic sensors in housing formats 1P (50 x 50 x 20 mm) and 1N (75 x 32.5 x 18 mm). Beyond this, the product range including high-performance distance sensors and reflex light barriers is being supplemented with two new functional principles – for a total of seven.

uniVision is wenglor’s software solution for the weQube Smart Camera. The intelligent image processing software provides users with the opportunity of configuring sensors easily and ideally matching them to each other. Thanks to the new intuitive assistant which navigates through the software step by step, beginners as well as experts can easily operate the Smart Camera without any special knowledge. The times of long learning curves and time-consuming programming or thus a thing of the past.


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