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Pure Dynamics: Safety Light Curtains Protect Window Production

As German machinery manufacturing experts for window production lines, Urban GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG relies on wenglor’s type SEMP safety light curtains in order to secure moving system components. For fully automated welding of plastic window frames of various sizes, the system components have to be as mobile as possible during operation – and at the same time fully secured.

wenglor’s safety solution was especially convincing due to simple adjustment, compact dimensions (3.4 cm wide by 2.8 cm deep) and easy integration into the overall system. “In addition to the basic functions, SEMG light curtains can also be precisely aligned thanks to visible red light and diagnosis LEDs, even when they’re mounted very close to each other”, explains wenglor sales manager Andreas Pfleghaar. “Furthermore, our products are so accurate that they can move towards or away from each other dynamically – even during operation – and reliably secure their respective zones over a distance of several meters.”

Two sets of SEMG safety light curtains were used to install intelligent, dynamic zone security. And thus the safety light curtains can be moved during operation without opening any of the three safety zones. Smart: If someone enters the left or right safety zone, the other continues operation unhindered. If the middle zone is entered, both are shut down.

Transparent Labels Made Visible – with the Ultrasonic Fork from wenglor

Perfect product labelling plays an important role in packaging processes, because packaging errors are perceived as a product defect. That’s why companies count on wenglor’s ultrasonic fork sensors in their packaging systems. They reliably monitor the presence of dark, transparent or printed labels on the role holders, before they’re applied to the packages by the label dispensers. And thus they assure highest possible quality standards and, at the same time, reduce costs which results from scrap due to incorrectly labelled products.

In fully automated packaging systems with high throughput rates, the ultrasonic sensors even reliably detect transparent labels on transparent base materials. This unparalleled precision is based on their functional principle. “Ultrasonic fork sensors detect labels on the basis of attenuation of the emitted ultrasonic signal which varies depending on the thickness of the material. Labels on the base material attenuate the ultrasound to a greater extent that the bare base material between any two labels. As a result, color, degree of transparency and the surface characteristics of the labels have no influence on the results”, explains wenglor product manager Martin Knittel. Sensor performance is convincing as well: a small gap of two millimeters is already enough to reliably detect labels at a switching frequency of up to 400 Hz.

Sensors for Roller Conveyors are Amongst the Best Optical Technologies

wenglor’s smart sensors for roller conveyors have been distinguished with the “Best of” seal within the framework of this year’s industry prize awarded by Huber Verlag publishers. In keeping with the motto “Connecting Industry”, wenglor’s high-tech sensors were honored in particular for their outstanding usability. The ability to configure all parameters via an NFC interface using a special app even in the de-energized state is unique around the world and convinced the jurors of the industrial award.

The ability to enter settings easily using an app via an NFC interface was honored. “Distinguishment of our sensors for roller conveyors shows once again that we’re already decisively shaping the age of smart machines”, says wenglor company founder Dieter Baur. “As the inventor of this genus of sensors, it’s also a terrific confirmation for wenglor of the sustainable research and development work we’ve been conducting for many years.” As a smart product for logistics 4.0, the new sensor technology convinced the competition’s jurors by means of its numerous impressive features as well such as integrated accumulation logic functions, an eco mode, strong performance and quick installation.

weQube with C-Mount Lens: Farsighted Intelligence

Industrial production systems can now be designed with a significantly smaller footprint and thus more efficiently than in the past. This is made possible by the availability of very small, high-performance components which are capable of conducting quality control from outside of the system, for example the weQube Smart Camera with C mount threaded connection. weQube unites the camera and the analysis module into a single compact housing and, with the help of commercially available lenses, is capable of implementing applications at distances of up to several meters.

Numerous machinery manufacturers rely upon this capability, for example in the case of fully automated production in the automotive industry. Whereas complex, expensive image processing systems were required for this task in the past, the intelligent C mount variant of the Smart Camera offers an efficient and inexpensive alternative. Equipped with an external ring illuminator and a high-performance lens, quality inspection is transformed into a routine operation which can be repeated millions of times. “Space is frequently at an absolute minimum in production systems of this sort, so that objects can usually only be measured from considerable distances. Our customers hold these capabilities of our weQube with C mount in high esteem, and are pleased at the same time with its low cost and outstanding performance”, explains wenglor pre-sales engineer Tobias Braun. “In combination with an Ethernet, PROFINET, or EtherNet/IP™ interface, weQube is the best possible vision sensor for intelligent image processing solutions of this type.”


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