Perfection with Light.

• High-resolution camera with 5 or 12 megapixels
• Precision resolution (Z) of down to 3 µm is possible
• High-performance optics for measuring ranges from 30 x 25 x 10 mm to 1300 x 860 x 800 mm
• 16 ShapeDrive models

ShapeDrive MLAS & ShapeDrive MLBS

As a pioneer in the field of three-dimensional object measurement, ShapeDrive is not only distinguished by well-founded know-how. Where the implementation of industrial 3D applications is concerned, customers also profit from more than 10 years of experience with the innovative functional principle of structured light, as well as innumerable previously installed solutions.

ShapeDrive. An Overview.

Interfaces & Software

• Program library made available for interfacing with external software
• Free, downloadable Software Development Kit (SDK) for all ShapeDrive sensors (including DLL, description and examples)
• 10-Gigabit Ethernet

Selection of Models

16 ShapeDrive models •
8 different measuring ranges •
2 performance classes •


• Optimized algorithms – for black and glossy surfaces as well
• Camera resolution of 5 or 12 megapixels
• Integrated web server for configuration and analysis
• Highly reliable even with changing colors and extraneous light

Operation & Support

Worldwide support •
Leasing option for ShapeDrive sensors •
Free VisionApp Demo 3D for displaying 3D point clouds •

Structured Light with Triangulation Angle.
The Functional Principle.

The 3D sensors project several patterns onto the object to be measured and then record them by means of a camera. As a result, the object is digitalized as a 3D point cloud. Neither the object nor the 3D sensor is in motion, which means that scanning is conducted quickly and extremely precisely.

1) High-resolution Camera
2) Light Engine
3) X, Y = Measuring Range
4) Z = Working Range

Top Performance in Three Dimensions

The 3D sensors included in the ShapeDrive series offer a high dynamic range with reference to the object’s color and brightness. The sensors deliver reliable results even for metallic and glossy surfaces. ShapeDrive sensors detect even the smallest component features thanks to their extremely high resolution, as well as large measuring volumes –for example, the entire content of Euro boxes and Euro pallets can be quickly scanned.
Simultaneous measurement of signal strength makes it possible to generate high-contrast grey tone images. Amongst other things, these can be used for the detection of data matrix codes and barcodes or contamination on objects – without any additional hardware.

A Single Product Range, Two Power Classes and Thousands of Solutions

ShapeDrive MLAS & ShapeDrive MLBS

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