Ultra-small. Ultra-smart. Ultrasonic.

The U1KT001 ultrasonic reflex sensor.

No larger than the enter key on a PC keyboard, the U1KT001 ultrasonic reflex sensor is distinguished by a range of 400 millimeters. Two independent switching outputs can be taught in via teach-in or IO-Link in order to detect liquids, as well as dark, transparent or reflective objects at any two switching points.

Your benefits at a glance

• Measuring range: 30 to 400 mm (800 mm on through-beam mode)
• Miniature housing format: 32 x 16 x 12 mm
• Outstanding protection: IP 68
• Synchronous and through-beam modes

Ultrasonic Sensors in Action

Fill-Level Measurement

Ultrasonic sensors are ideally suited for fill-level measurements involving liquids and bulk materials.

Slack Monitoring

In the case of slack monitoring, ultrasonic sensors regulate the feeding of material to the machine by measuring loop depth. In the through-beam mode, ultrasonic sensors can inspect the material for tearing.

Measuring Stack Height

Ultrasonic sensors check stack heights of stock materials, in order to assure that minimum and maximum heights are not exceeded or fallen short of. In the multiplex mode, several stacks can be monitored by sensors located directly next to each other.

Checking for Presence

When checking for presence, ultrasonic sensors detect objects regardless of material, color and surface characteristics. In the synchronous mode it’s possible to detect the presence of large objects such as stone slabs and wooden boards over the entire surface area.

Selectable Operating Modes for Ultrasonic Sensors