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The world’s smallest Transit Time Sensor, namely the WinTec P1KY001, ...

... is distinguished by its minimal housing size and, relative to its compact format, an enormous working range of 1000 mm Where checking for presence and position monitoring in tight spaces are concerned. The high-performance triple-dot laser even detects black and glossy objects with unsurpassed precision at a switching frequency of 1000 Hz.


Application Examples

WinTec - the wenglor Innovation

Reliable Detection of all Objects
WinTec also detects objects with black surfaces, even in extremely inclined positions.

Reliable for Glossy Surfaces
WinTec is insensitive to gloss in the background and assures reliable switching performance for reflective surfaces and reflectors within the working range.

Quick and Accurate Detection of Edges
Edges are even accurately detected at high process speeds. This is assured by the small laser spot and the high switching frequency of up to 1000 Hz.

Protection against reciprocal influence
WinTec makes it possible to install sensors directly next to each other, and even directly opposite each other, without any reciprocal influence.

Use at Extreme Temperatures
Transit Time Sensors with WinTec are switched flawlessly even at extreme temperatures of down to -40° C.