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Strong Partnership against Global Warming

The wenglor group is committed to making an important contribution to combating global warming. Not only in the manufacture of products and in the design of energy concepts at all locations, but also in the active reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Through its new partnership with the Swiss company Climeworks, wenglor is supporting a groundbreaking technology that enables harmful greenhouse gas to be filtered out of the ambient air using collectors and then converted into climate-neutral substances such as carbonic acid or solid carbon.
These substances can either be recycled as a valuable fertilizer for plants or stored in the ground as a solid. wenglor will recover 40 tons of CO2 per year by 2029 using this method. “This not only enables us to make an active contribution to achieving climate goals, but also opens up new fields for our innovative automation technologies,” says wenglor Managing Director Rafael Baur. “We are therefore helping two-fold to preserve our planet for future generations.” Our film contains all the details of wenglor’s partnership with Climeworks.


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