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Safety for People and Machine: IAS Counts On wenglor Safety Technology

Safe and efficient palletizing and packing of goods is one of the biggest challenges in the packaging industry. A high degree of automation facilitates processes such as gripping, stacking or packing objects. The US company IAS Inc. offers precisely tailored automation solutions to protect not only the precious cargo, but also all danger zones for people and machines. The system builder is supported by intelligent safety light curtains and protective devices from wenglor.

Using the example of a system for a kitchen furniture manufacturer, it quickly becomes clear how wenglor’s safety technology secures several zones that can be operated independently of one another. “The transitions between the zones are protected by safety light curtains, so that goods of different sizes can be safely transported into and out of the zones”, explains IAS Managing Director Paul Szeflinski. This protection is achieved by a special muting configuration. This allows objects of different sizes to pass through zones while the remaining safety field remains active. “wenglor’s safety technology offers reliable protection of hazardous areas with different safety field heights using muting and blanking functions, LED displays and IO-Link interface. Certified finger, hand and body protection with protection class type 4 and performance level e ensure compliance with the latest international safety standards in the automation of these systems”, says wenglor US sales expert Kojo Kyei-Baffour. The entire packaging process is presented in detail in our application film. Engineers at IAS and wenglor also explain what makes wenglor technology so trustworthy. Watch it now!


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