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  • Optimized performance
  • Wireless settings via NFC
  • Increased capacity thanks to intelligent functions
  • Time-saving initial start-up with fast-clip mounting system and quick wiring
  • Energy-saving

OPT1543 Reflex Sensor with Background Suppression

available on request
These sensors have been specially designed for use in accumulation roller conveyors. Their compact design allows for installation between rollers below the transport level. High-precision background suppression makes it possible to reliably detect even black objects at up to 900 mm. Settings are entered via wireless NFC, which is even possible in the de-energized state. Thanks to the innovative fast-clip mounting system and quick wiring, the sensors are installed and ready for use in no time flat.
Optical Data
Range 900 mm
Switching Hysteresis  < 5 %
Light Source Infrared Light
Wavelength 860 nm
Service Life (T = +25 °C) 100,000 h
Risk Group (EN 62471) 1
Max. Ambient Light 90,000 Lux
Opening Angle 3 °
Electrical Data
Supply Voltage 12 ... 30 V DC
Current Consumption Sensor (Ub = 24 V) < 16 mA
Switching Frequency 100 Hz
Response Time 5 ms
Temperature Drift < 5 %
Temperature Range -40 ... 60 °C
Number of Switching Outputs 2
Switching Output Voltage Drop < 0.9 V
PNP Switching Output/Switching Current 200 mA
Short Circuit Protection yes
Reverse Polarity Protection yes
Overload Protection yes
Logic yes
Single Discharge yes
Block Forwarding yes
Output Magnetic Valve/Engine yes
Automatic Roller Shutdown yes
Protection Class III
Mechanical Data
Setting Method NFC
Housing Material Plastic
Degree of Protection IP67
Connection M12 × 1; 4-pin
Cable Length 100 cm
PNP NO/NC switchable yes
NFC Receiver Category 3 yes
Standards and certificates
B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf
Connection Diagram
Switching Distance Deviation
Typical characteristic curve based on white, 90 % remission
Sr = Switching Distance
dSr = Switching Distance Change
black 6 % remission
grey 18 % remission
Ctrl. Panel
2a = NFC interface
3a = Switching Status Indicator/Error Indicator
Dimensioned Picture
Dimensions specified in mm (1 mm = 0.03937")
1 = Transmitter Diode 2 = Receiver Diode Screw M4 = 0,5 Nm
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