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The Perfect Size

The Perfect Size

wenglor offers the right sensor in the perfect size for every application. Space-saving designs combined with high-performance components ensure maximum flexibility during system planning.

The Advantages of the PNG//smart Formats at a Glance

The PNG//smart generation combines optimal performance and maximum communication capability – across all formats. You will find an overview of the key benefits here.

IP67/IP68 Protection

The especially rugged plastic housing complies with protection class IP67/IP68. The sensors can therefore be used in the beverage industry in order to detect transparent bottles, for example.

Wide Temperature Range

The extended temperature range from –40 to +60 °C enables applications in the deep-freeze sector, offering enormous advantages for the food industry in particular.

A Real Light-Weight

Sensors from the PNG//smart generation are intentionally not produced in a full encapsulation design. This saves valuable weight, which is an enormous advantage when using robotic arms in particular.

weGreen: Intelligent Energy Saving

The extremely low current consumption between 15 mA and max. 20 mA means that the sensors from the PNG//smart range are extremely energy- and resource-efficient.
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