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PCB Detection on Transport Modules with Fiber-Optic Cable Sensor and Several Fiber-Optic Cables

In the electronics industry, PCBs must be detected on transport modules at several stations in order to ensure safe transport. For this purpose, an angled fiber-optic cable with transmitter and receiver (barrier principle) is attached to the side of each station in the narrow side panels. The fiber-optic cables are operated in a multiplex process on a central fiber-optic cable sensor outside the conveyor line – this prevents reciprocal influence and ensures reliable detection of the PCBs at each individual station.

Fiber-Optic Cable Sensors

Fiber-optic cable sensors are combined with plastic or glass fiber-optic cables and are used in applications with small installation space or high temperatures. The sensors check the presence or position of objects in reflex mode operation or in through beam mode. Up to 15 fiber-optic cables can be connected to the sensors.

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