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Measuring Blocks of Cheese With High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors for Controlling Cutting Machines

In the food industry, it is important to accurately measure blocks of cheese on conveyors before cutting. This enables the amount of waste to be significantly reduced when the blocks are subsequently cut. To this end, two high-precision laser distance sensors are installed above and one on each side. The analog measurements can be used to calculate the volume of the cheese and thus determine the ideal frequency of the cutting knife. To avoid keeping the measuring sensors permanently in operation, a retro-reflex sensor is installed upstream as a trigger – this saves electricity and therefore costs.

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High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors

High-precision laser distance sensors work according to the principle of angle measurement, whereby color, shape and object surface do not influence the measurement. Depending on the setting, they can be operated at very high speed or resolution. The measuring range can be selected individually within the sensor’s working range.

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