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weCat3D – The Interfaces

weCat3D – The Interfaces

In addition to the outstanding properties in terms of optics, performance and operation, the 2D/3D sensors are versatile. While single point clouds can be evaluated using the configurable uniVision software, several point clouds (e.g. for volume calculations) can be captured and evaluated with the VisionApp 360 software.

wenglor Software for 2D/3D Sensors


DLL & GigE Vision

The GigE Vision interface and the open DLL interface concept permit maximum degrees of freedom for the integration of sensors and the evaluation of their data.
Measurement data generated by 2D/3D sensors can also be evaluated via GigE Vision with software from third parties such as Matrox Imaging, Halcon, LabVIEW or EyeVision. The measurement data is suitable for further processing in C++, C# or Visual Basic via DLL.

In order to assure simple system integration, wenglor offers a software development kit (SDK) for all weCat3D sensors, which can be downloaded free of charge.
  • The software consists of:
  • DLL / Shared library
  • Interface description
  • Programming examples for diverse development environments
GigE Vision SDK
GigE Vision SDK (2 MB)

Version 2.0.1

SDK Windows Linux weCat3D
SDK Windows Linux weCat3D (175 MB)

Version 1.5.0

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