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Features at a Glance

  • Extended temperature range
  • Greatest possible switching distances with correction factor 1
  • Very good magnetic and electromagnetic immunity
  • Very high switching frequency

I1QA001 Inductive Sensor Welding Field Resistant with Correction Factor 1

available on request
Welding field resistant inductive sensors with correction factor 1 offer a unique combination of technical performance features: increased switching distances for reliable object detection, high switching frequencies for applications with high process speeds and an extended temperature range for use under various ambient conditions. A switching status LED for diagnosis functions reduces system downtime. In order to simplify integration, all housing designs are available in flush or non-flush mounting variants.

Inductive Data

Switching Distance 20 mm
Correction Factors Stainless Steel V2A/CuZn/Al 1,04/1,04/1,04
Mounting flush
Mounting A/B/C/D in mm 0/15/60/0
Switching Hysteresis < 15 %

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 10 ... 30 V DC
Current Consumption (Ub = 24 V) < 15 mA
Switching Frequency 1,500 Hz
Temperature Drift (-25 °C < Tu < 60 °C) 10 %
Temperature Drift (Tu < -25 °C, Tu > 60 °C) 20 %
Temperature Range -40 ... 80 °C
Switching Output Voltage Drop < 2.5 V
Switching Output/Switching Current 200 mA
Resistant to Magnetic Fields 200 mT
Short Circuit Protection yes
Reverse Polarity and Overload Protection yes
Protection Class II

Mechanical Data

Housing Material Plastic, ABS
Sensor Cap Plastic, PBT, PTFE
Welding Field Resistant yes
Full Encapsulation yes
Degree of Protection IP67
Connection M12 × 1; 4-pin

Safety-relevant Data

MTTFd (EN ISO 13849-1) 2,099.41 a


Error Indicator yes


PNP NO/NC antivalent yes

Adjustable parameters

Circuit NC

Standards and certificates

B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf

Connection Diagram


Dimensioned Picture

Dimensions specified in mm (1 mm = 0.03937")
1 = Switching Status Indicator

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