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Distance Measurement for Part Removal from Carriers in Car Body Construction with High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors

In automotive shell construction, body parts such as doors, tailgates or fenders are stacked in load carriers. Robots load and unload these carriers. To enable the robot to grip precisely, a high-precision laser distance sensor mounted on the gripper determines the distance to the first component that is removed. The robot’s lateral approach and gripping process are optimally controlled by the two independent switching outputs. Even on shiny surfaces, the sensor works very precisely with CMOS line images.

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High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors

High-precision laser distance sensors work according to the principle of angle measurement, whereby color, shape and object surface do not influence the measurement. Depending on the setting, they can be operated at very high speed or resolution. The measuring range can be selected individually within the sensor’s working range.

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