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Distance Measurement for Nozzle Positioning During Roller Coating with High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors

The rubber coating of pressure rollers, for example, is done in individual, multi-layer coatings. To do this, the roller is rotated while a nozzle unit for material application moves slowly along the roller and thus applies the coating. To ensure an even rubber coating, the nozzle must be continuously tracked. The analog distance measurement required for this is performed by a high-precision laser distance sensor. To avoid damaging the material, the distance measurement to the roller or the upper rubber coating must be carried out without contact.

High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors

High-precision laser distance sensors work according to the principle of angle measurement, whereby color, shape and object surface do not influence the measurement. Depending on the setting, they can be operated at very high speed or resolution. The measuring range can be selected individually within the sensor’s working range.

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