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Detection of Foodstuffs with Long-Range Laser Distance Sensors with wintec for Frequent and Intensive Cleaning

Strict hygiene regulations such as daily cleaning and disinfection of machines and entire equipment must be observed in the food industry. Long-range laser distance sensors with wintec, which are used in these so-called “washdown” zones for object detection, must therefore be particularly resistant to chemical cleaning and disinfecting agents. The sensors in ECOLAB-certified stainless steel housing are resistant to dirt-dissolving chemicals and high-pressure cleaning up to 100 bar and 80 °C water temperature thanks to the high degree of IP69K protection.

Long-Range Laser Distance Sensors

Long-range laser distance sensors work according to the principle of transit time measurement, which means that they cover large working ranges, so that objects can be reliably detected even at great distances. The emitted light can be switched off for these sensors, which eliminates temperature drift.

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