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  • Up to 3.6 million measuring points per second
  • Compact, lightweight design – even suitable for robot applications
  • Precise measuring range resolution X (> 1200 measuring points)
  • Blue light for applications on metal, organic or semi-transparent materials

MLSL132 2D/3D Profile Sensor

available from stock
2D/3D Profile Sensors project a laser line onto the object to be detected and generate an accurate, linearized height profile with an internal camera which is set up at a triangulation angle. Thanks to its uniform, open interface, the weCat3D series can be incorporated by means of the DLL program library or the GigE Vision standard without an additional control unit. Alternatively, wenglor offers its own software packages for implementing your application.
Optical Data
Working range Z 65 ... 125 mm
Measuring range Z 60 mm
Measuring range X 40 ... 58 mm
Linearity Deviation 30 µm
Resolution Z 4.8 ... 9.6 µm
Resolution X 33 ... 47 µm
Light Source Laser (blue)
Wavelength 405 nm
Laser Class (EN 60825-1) 2M
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature 0 ... 45 °C
Storage temperature -20 ... 70 °C
Max. Ambient Light 5,000 Lux
EMC DIN EN 61000-6-2; 61000-6-4
Electrical Data
Supply Voltage 18 ... 30 V DC
Current Consumption (Ub = 24 V) 300 mA
Measuring Rate 200 ... 4,000 /s
Subsampling 800 ... 4,000 /s
Inputs/Outputs 4
Switching Output Voltage Drop < 1.5 V
Switching Output/Switching Current 100 mA
Short Circuit Protection yes
Reverse Polarity Protection yes
Overload Protection yes
Interface Ethernet TCP/IP
Baud Rate 100/1000 Mbit/s
Protection Class III
FDA Accession Number 1610454-001
Mechanical Data
Housing Material Aluminium; Plastic
Degree of Protection IP67
Connection M12 × 1; 12-pin
Type of Connection Ethernet M12 × 1; 8-pin, X-cod.
Optic Cover Plastic
Weight 290 g
General Data
Web server yes
Push-Pull yes
Adjustable parameters
Output Push-pull
Circuit NC
All other parameters can be found in the product documentation.
Standards and certificates
B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf
Display brightness may decrease with age. This does not result in any impairment of the sensor function.
Connection Diagram
Measuring field X, Z
Z = Working distance
X = Measuring Range
Ctrl. Panel
20 = Enter key
22 = Up key
23 = Down key
60 = display
4a = User LED
68 = supply voltage indicator
78 = Module status
85 = Link/Act LED
Dimensioned Picture
Dimensions specified in mm (1 mm = 0.03937")
Complementary Products
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  • Switch EHSS001
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  • Software
Operating instructions
Quick-start guide
General instructions
General instructions
Example_Rockwell_TCP_UDP_uniVision_1.0.0.zip Example_TIA_TCP_UDP_uniVision_1.0.0.zip Example_TwinCAT3_TCP_UDP_uniVision_1.0.0.zip Firmware_weCat3D_1.2.5.zip Firmware_weCat3D_2.0.1.zip SDK_Windows_LabView_weCat3D_1.2.0.zip Software_uniVision_2.4.1.exe weCat3D_GigE_Interface_Windows_X64_2.0.1.zip weCat3D_Obsolet_GigE_Interface_Windows_X64_V1_2_0.zip weCat3D_SDK_Windows_Linux_1_5_0.zip
Interface protocol
Interface protocol
Interface_Protocol_DNNFxxx_LIMA.pdf Interface_Protocol_DNNFxxx_TCP_UDP.pdf Interface_Protocol_MLSL_MLWL.pdf
EU Declaration of Conformity
Product Comparison