How the application process works at wenglor

Application process

Each application passes through a number of phases at wenglor before a HR decision is made. Depending on the job advertisement and the amount of applications to be processed, it can take a few weeks between the applicant submitting their documents and a decision being made by wenglor. So that you know what is happening on our end in the meantime, we have provided a description of the application process at wenglor for you below.

Firstly, all online-applications that are sent to us are collected and sorted. As soon as we have received your application, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail as early as possible.

Our HR department will then read and extensively review the individual applications. If your application is complete and suitable for the desired position, it will then be shortlisted. The HR department will often conduct a telephone interview directly in order to get better acquainted or if there are, for example, any uncertainties.

The next phase consists of careful reviewing, a detailed selection and finally processing within the department. This can take some time. Generally, it takes between four and six weeks before you will receive a message from us. We ask for your patience during this time – in many cases, the wait is ultimately rewarded with a job.

Your wenglor Career Team

Please direct general inquiries regarding your application to:

Head of Human Resources

Sarah Bauer
Phone: +49-7542-5399-351

Human Resources Representative

Stefanie Hartmann
Phone: +49-7542-5399-353

Human Resources Administrator

Louisa Form
Phone: +49-7542-5399-355