Die wenglor sensoric GmbH ist Hauptsponsor der Tettnanger Karatesportlerin Sabina Avdic.

Sabina Avdic

Since March 2012, wenglor sensoric GmbH has acted as the main sponsor of Sabina Avidc, a karate practitioner from Tettnang. The student trains up to four times per week with her local club, the Lake Constance karate team (Karate Team Bodensee). Despite her youth, the Tettnang native already ranks among the best in the world and has enjoyed considerable success. Over the last few years, she has won several national and international championship titles, among them three World Championships.

Dreaming together of something greater

Sabina Avdic was born in Tettnang in 1997. She has been actively practicing karate since the age of five; or to be precise, Karate kumite, the most demanding form of this Asian martial art. When we first came across her at the start of 2012, we found an athlete who is the perfect match for us in a variety of ways. Sabina is a dyed-in-the-wool native of Tettnang. When she is not representing our hometown at an international competition, she attends Montfort High School in Tettnang. It is not, however, just our common hometown that unites us; rather, a burning passion for dynamism, technology, precision, fairness and the thrill of competition also enables us to dream together of something greater. Just like us, Sabina works every day with an iron will and seemingly boundless motivation on whatever goals and projects she has in store next. We're more than happy to lend our support to that!

Sabina und wenglor träumen gemeinsam von Größerem


Born: October 9, 1997
Place of residence:

88069 Tettnang
Karate practitioner since:
Karate-Team Bodensee e. V., Friedrichshafen
Central organization:
World Kickboxing and Karate Union (WKU)
Sabina's website: