Innovation Through Color Diversity

The new P1XF001 6-Channel Multispectral Sensor with fiber-optic cable from wenglor sensoric is the ideal precision tool for color detection. Thanks to precision spectral measurement in the comprehensive ROYGBV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) color space, the finest of color nuances in all visible light ranges can be reliably detected, differentiated and transmitted via Industrie 4.0 compatible interfaces such as IO-Link. And thus the sensor is already fulfilling tomorrow’s requirements today.

The P1XF001 6-Channel Multispectral Sensor measures and analyzes the spectral composition of colored objects. And thus in addition to the weQubeVision sensor and the OFP401P0189 True Color Sensor, a further wenglor product is also available to customers which simply and reliably meets the requirements of highly complex, industrial color applications.
The latest generation of sensors covers the ROYGBV color space which is broken down into six ranges and, in combination with twelve switching outputs, permits simultaneous differentiation of up to twelve colors. In this way, even the finest of color nuances can be detected within this color space. Beyond this, the sensor offers separate adjustment of the color tolerance ranges for any desired color value, saturation and brightness.
Together with the wenglor’s fiber optic cables, the sensor is predestined for use in difficult to access places and in areas exposed to temperatures ranging from -20 to +250° C. Thanks to the intuitive operating concept, all sensor settings can be entered to the P1XF001 either directly at the OLED display with the help of the wizard, with wenglor’s new wTeach2 configuration software (via RS-232 interface) or via the IO-Link-interface (version 1.1). The sensor is thus well prepared for Industrie 4.0 applications.
The fiber optic cables assure reliable measured values despite variations in distance between the probe and the object. The P1XF001 is capable of delivering full performance even in dynamic applications. Automatic adjustment of light intensity and a service life of up to 50 000 hours are made possible thanks to integrated LED technology.

Highlights of the P1XF001 Color Sensor at a Glance
• Fiber optic cable for maximized flexibility
• Detailed color detection thanks to spectral measuring with ROYGBV color chip
• OLED display with wizard for quick teach-in
• Ready for Industrie 4.0: IO-Link 1.1 and 12 switching outputs
• Reliable measured values despite distance variations
• Integration into wTeach2 software is possible via RS-232 port
• 12 switching outputs for simultaneous color measuring


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