Faster Results with uniVision Assistant

uniVision is wenglor’s software solution for the weQube Smart Camera. The intelligent image processing software provides users with the opportunity of configuring sensors easily and ideally matching them to each other. Thanks to the new intuitive assistant which navigates through the software step by step, beginners as well as experts can easily operate the Smart Camera without any special knowledge. The times of long learning curves and time-consuming programming or thus a thing of the past.

uniVision Assistant Satisfies with Huge User Comfort
Previously, wenglor image processing products like the weQube smart camera had their own software (weQube software). These have been replaced with a universal uniVision vision software. The new uniVision assistant guides the user step by step through the configuration process of the weQube smart camera, making complex steps easily accessible and understandable to anyone. Detailed text explains the next treatment options, particularly for newcomers to image processing. Additional templates, i.e. predefined projects, are included in the software for standard applications. This includes templates for recognizing 1D or 2D codes, presence and color controls, or pattern detection.
The software’s modular layout provides experts with maximum flexibility when solving complex applications. In this way, every user – from beginners to professionals – can quickly access the broad range of weQube's features.

The Highlights at a Glance

• Assistant-guided software for parameters configuration of the weQube
• Modular design with ready-made templates
• Available in 11 language versions
• Free download of uniVision software for Windows


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