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Top Quality 360° Profile Measurement for Windows and Doors

Industrial production of plastic profiles for windows and doors necessitates highest possible precision. Deceuninck NV from Belgium relies on intelligent image processing solutions from sensor manufacturer wenglor at its production plant in Germany. After extrusion, the raw profiles are subjected to initial surface inspection with the help of the weQube Smart Camera. This is followed by a two-dimensional, 360° measurement using 2D/3D Profile Sensors weCat3D. Testing is first of all conducted to determine whether or not black granulate particles are present on the surface, after which the profile dimensions are checked for compliance with the specified tolerances. Both the smart camera and the 2D/3D Sensor are networked via Ethernet interface and can thus be configured in a decentralized fashion.

Beyond this, software provider ib-comPLAN has developed “deep learning” software which permits autonomous teach-in of the various profile shapes. This program facilitates fully automated changeovers to different product variants. Smart production with batch size 1 is thus already a reality at the Bavarian plant in Bogen, Germany. Networking the sensors makes it possible to pinpoint faults immediately and visualize them on large monitor screens in the workshop. “As a result, workload is reduced for production employees and the profile is produced with greater quality and process reliability. The sensors are easy to configure, require no special software and offer a uniform data interface,” explains Ralf Schiessl, managing director of ib-comPLAN. For Jürgen Simmel, chief electromechanical engineer at Deceuninck Germany, the advantages of wenglor’s smart sensors are also plainly evident: “In our opinion, wenglor’s solution was best because handling and integration of the hardware and the software simply fit together so well. We run production with less scrap and can provide our customers with consistent quality.” Our application video shows how the system is set up from a technical standpoint and what makes it so special. Watch it now!


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