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How wenglor Sensors Make Packaging Systems Smarter

The Marchesini Group from Bologna, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of fully automated, world-class filling and packaging systems for Industry 4.0 technologies. The company relies on smart sensor technologies from wenglor sensoric to this end. As sensory organs, wenglor’s photoelectronic sensors identify objects such as cannulas, labels, vials and syringes in order to ensure reliable filling and packaging processes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. This makes production faster – and error-free.
In packaging lines with lengths of up to 20 meters, required materials are supplied, sorted and positioned fully automatically, in large quantities and at high speeds. Optical sensors monitor these processes by recording measurement data and transmitting them to the master controller for evaluation – via either digital I/O, IO-Link or EtherCAT. Conversely, the sensors can be changed over or reconfigured by the controller for the measurement of various objects – all the way down to batch size 1.
However, the degree of automation in industrial products manufacturing depends not only on the sensors’ smart capabilities, but rather on the accuracy of the measurement results as well. This combination provides companies like Marchesini with the freedom required to develop system concepts that already meet Industry 4.0 standards in terms of quality and efficiency. Our application film showcases the system in full detail – why not watch it now?


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