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Arriving at Your Destination Safely with weCat3D Profile Sensors

Polish company Veritech relies on wenglor’s 2D/3D profile sensors for the measurement of tram wheels. In particular improved safety and reliability, as well as reduced tram car maintenance effort, make the use of this innovative technology extremely valuable for the customer.
In concrete terms, a total of four weCat3D MLWL 2D/3D profile sensors monitor the profiles and diameters of the heavy tram car wheels during operation at speeds of up to 30 km per hour. With a highly precise resolution up to 17 µm in visual field width X and up to 2.0 µm in working distance Z, the sensors generate precise 3D data which are subsequently visualized at an analysis module – the results are then automatically forwarded to downstream instances.
Data collected in this way make it possible to arrive at conclusions concerning the condition of the wheels, as well as any required maintenance or even replacement. And the application offers further advantages in addition to increased safety levels for tram operation and reduced maintenance effort: “On the one hand, maintenance costs are massively reduced and on the other hand, noise caused in the city by uneven or defective tram wheels and axles is significantly diminished – to the delight of all. If all of the wheels are intact and even, comfort is increased for the passengers as well”, explains Piotr Namysłowski, managing director of wenglor Poland. “Thanks to innovative 3D measurement with our weCat3D product range, we’re not only able to make public railways more economical, but rather safer and more reliable as well – this is the ideal result for our customer, and thus for us as well.”


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