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40 Percent Growth in Sales: More Technical Expertise for Automation

The global automation engine is throbbing. In order to provide wenglor customers with perfectly matched solutions from the SensorTec and CamTec divisions in the future as well, the company restructured and significantly increased the size of its sales department last year.

Roughly 40 percent more technical experts than last year in the fields of SensorTec (for sensor and safety products) and CamTec (for image processing products) will ensure best possible consultation with regard to intelligent sensor technology, Industry 4.0 and smart factories in the future. “In this way, we’re assuring that our employees will be able to actively support our customers with even more knowledge concerning complex technologies – all over Germany and around the globe”, explains wenglor senior sales manager Stefan Blum. “A further goal involved streamlining decision-making channels and thus accelerating the decision-making process – in Germany and worldwide.”
And this change not only became necessary due to wenglor’s ever-growing product portfolio, but rather as the result of continuously increasing demand from all industry sectors as well. A significant, double-digit sales increase experienced during the course of business year 2017 is only one of many impressive indicators. In order to ensure that know-how is augmented along with rising demand and corporate growth, important changes were also introduced where knowledge transfer is concerned. “Our internal training system has been optimized in order to do justice to challenging knowledge requirements”, continues Blum. “As a result, our employees are now trained as experts for individual fields of technology through the use of special training programs.”


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